The Art of Dismantling is an artisan collective and an ongoing interview series.

The project was founded by Chris Richards (Autonomous Music) to form alliances between creative artisans and activists, to provide educational workshops, and to inspire our community to use creativity as a weapon, a voice, and a tool for change.

The Art of Dismantling exists in multiple formats, as an artisan collective we strive to provide creative services and support to radicals, activists, and organizations.  We can be utilized as a resource for arranging music for benefit shows, poster and flyer designs, creative art projects, printing services, street performance, and more.  We are interested in discussing any ideas for utilizing the creativity of our collective members in an effort to create radical change, or to support radical organizations.  We would also like to see stronger alliances and crossover between activists and artists, and hope that this project offers an opportunity for these alliances to form and grow.

We also provide community education workshops and trainings.  We facilitate the Art of Dismantling live panel, which provides space for a community discussion that explores the use of creativity and art in the resistance movement, what place it has, how it can be used in conjunction with other forms of activism, and how creative workers and non creative workers can better organize a collaborative movement.  Additionally, we have teamed up with some strong allies to provide a number of action trainings like NVDA, Strategic Campaigning, Blockades, Action Planning, Know Your Rights, etc.

As an interview series, we interview different artists, musicians, and writers that utilize their gifts in an effort to instigate change. The interviews will be heavily focused on the artist’s political/social views, intentions, and how they feel about the impact they are, or are not, having on the world.

I hope you enjoy and please be in touch with any advice, comments, answers, hate mail, and whatever else you may come up with.


Chris Richards
The Art of Dismantling
1121 N Loring St Suite 112
Portland OR 97227