Zine Series

Posted: April 7, 2012

The Art of Dismantling Interview Zine Series releases seasonally.  Each zine contains a communique, and two interviews with radical artisans.  The zines are offset printed on recycled paper by Radix Media.

A purchase of any zine or zine package includes a free mp3 download of song by one of our artists!

Issue #1:
Features interviews with Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Watchmen) and Resident Anti-Hero (Neo-Mythic Hip-Hop). Also includes a free download of ‘Hold Your Spear Close’ by Etheric Double Soundsystem.

Issue #2:
Features interviews with Meredith Stern (Justseeds) and Chrystos (Menominee Poet). Also includes a free download of ‘The Obvious (Etheric Double remix)’ by The Great Mundane.

Zine Package (Issue 1 and 2):
Features both Zine issues and a free download of ‘Bear the Mark Proudly’ by Resident Anti-Hero.