Art Of Dismantling Panel

Posted: February 19, 2012

The Art of Dismantling Discussion Panel

Facilitated by: Chris Richards
Chris Richards
is the founder of Autonomous Music and The Art of Dismantling, organizations that take a radical approach to utilizing music and art as political tools. Autonomous Music books 1000+ events a year across North America for national and international touring acts, and manages multiple facets of their careers.  Using the comprehensive network that Autonomous has built as an agency and management firm, the company raises funds for non-profits and promotes workshops and educational trainings anywhere possible.  Chris also sits on the board of directors for the Civil Liberties Defense Center, a non-profit organization working on police and government misconduct litigation and defending direct action protesters


The Panel
The Art of Dismantling exists as a live panel, which can be organized and presented at events, conferences, gatherings, and anywhere else!  The panels provide space for a community discussion that explores the use of creativity and art in the resistance movement, what place it has, how it can be used in conjunction with other forms of activism, and how creative workers and non creative workers can better organize a collaborative movement.

The panel is meant to facilitate a community discussion, more-so than to be a presentation.  We believe in the importance of this dialogue taking place, as it can create alliances between activists and artisans, as well as allow an access point for collaborations.

Each panel consists of a unique line-up of panelists, as we try to draw from local artisan communities as much as possible.  If we were brought to a conference to facilitate a panel in your town or at your school, we would typically bring one or two collective members, but also line up several local artisans to participate as well.  This allows for a strong community presence in the conversation, as well as solidifies local alliances and keeps the dialogue present after we leave.


If you have questions and/or you are interested in hosting a panel  please CONTACT US.