Radix Media

Posted: September 2, 2011

Radix Media is a publishing operation and offset print shop based in Portland, Oregon. We are dedicated to publishing radical literature and disseminating meaningful and beautiful propaganda. Our name comes from the Latin root of the word radical which means to get to the root.

We believe that the personal is the political, and that it is impossible separate the politics of every day life from every day life.  We strive to work with other groups and individuals through mutual aid, to raise public awareness of pressing issues and to foster social revolution.

If you are in need of printing services, or graphic design, and would like to work with Radix Media, please contact us.

What is offset printing?

Offset printing is a process in which an image burned onto a metal or polyester plate is transferred to a rubber blanket, then “offset” onto the paper.  This is how the majority of books, magazines, and other things are printed, and can be great for short or long runs.

Radix is primarily dedicated to helping grassroots activist groups get their message out in a way that is affordable.  While many people use the digital era to their advantage, offset printing still provides the highest quality for the least amount of money.  If you need more than 200 copies of something, offset printing is the way to go.

Because we use a one-color printing press, a different plate must be made for each color of a design and sent through the machine separately, crafting the entire image one color at a time.  This means that the final product will take longer to receive than just making a photocopy, but will look a hundred times better.  You’ll also have the added satisfaction knowing that a neurotic printer worked tirelessly on your project in order to make it look as nice as possible!

For more information about Radix and to see their catalog, visit RadixMedia.Org