Creativity as a Tool for Social Change

Creativity as a Tool for Social Change
by Lisa Tapton

There has always been a natural connection between creativity and social change. Generations of artists and creative thinkers have employed protests songs, paintings and other visual arts to stoke activism and raise awareness of oppression, inequalities and injustice. Today, artists have turned their attentions to such areas as climate change, globalization and rape culture, and they employ new technologies such as online flash movies and video installations alongside more traditional art forms to spread their message. However, the role of creativity in social change goes beyond individual artists and collectives. The power of art is such that it can reach out to communities throughout the world to transform lives and bring about social reform.

Never Alone Art Exhibit

This is super exciting, what a great job they did on this project!

Sacramento Prisoner Support have curated an online exhibition of artworks for June 11 – the International Day of Solidarity with Eric McDavid, Marie Mason & Long Term Anarchist Prisoners. The ‘Never Alone’ exhibition will run on this website between June 11-30, 2013.

‘Never Alone’ serves as an avenue not only for fundraising for Marie & Eric, but as a way to reach out creatively and informatively to a broad audience on issues of earth & animal liberation, and state captivity.

All funds raised will be split between Marie and Eric’s support funds.


Corina Dross - The Tide is Turning

Etheric Double Soundsystem live video

check out this excerpt from the live video set from Etheric Double Soundsystem…

YouTube Preview Image

Audioriver – Poland

We are excited to announce that one of The Art of Dismantling music projects, Etheric Double Soundsystem, will be performing live at the Audioriver festival in Poland July 2012. An all new set featuring new music and a new politically driven video backdrop. Click the banner below for more info.

The Sound of Resistance Vol 1 NOW AVAILABLE

We are SUPER excited to offer you a 21 track free compilation of politically charged resistance music.  ‘The Sound of Resistance Vol 1’ is available now.

The album can be found HERE.


Resident Anti-Hero T-Shirts

Now available, get yours today here!


Fight Rape Culture with Art!

Art to End Rape Culture at App State


Amiris Brown, of Appalachian State University, is sticking it to the man with a crucial and important art series focused on ending the rape culture at ASU and of course in the rest of our culture.  Some fundraising help is needed to pull together the last few pieces for the series.  Please support by CLICKING HERE!

Get Your Zines!!!

The Art of Dismantling Zines, Issues #1 and #2 are available separately, or as a package.

Layout and Printing by Radix Media.
Cover art by Matt Gauck.

Offset printed on recycled paper with a 2-color cover. 8.5″ x 5.5″. 16pp.

Issue #1 features a communique and interviews with Alan Moore (V for Vendetta) and Resident Anti-Hero.

Issue #2 features a communique and interviews with Meredith Stern (Justseeds) and Chrystos.

All purchases come with a free music download!

Please support us today so we can keep doing what we are doing, CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE STORE.

Digital Music Compilation

The Art of Dismantling is calling for submissions for a digital music compilation focused on resistance oriented music.

Click for Dropbox

We don’t have a title for the compilation album just yet but it will be pushed out as a digital release on our bandcamp store:

The release will be set to pay what you want with a minimum of $0, meaning folks can get the album for free since the focus is spreading the message not generating income.  The folks that do decide to pay will be contributing to keeping The Art of Dismantling up and running as an ongoing project, and will be contributing to The Art of Dismantling’s art and media projects that we mainly give away for free or use to contribute to active resistance campaigns.  If you have any questions please let me know, otherwise drop a song in the dropbox link above!

We are hoping to have enough submissions for a spring release.


Big Dudee Roo interview

Our friends at Beautiful Resistance Distro ( recently interviewed Big Dudee Roo, an anti-civ folk band out of Michigan.  We thought it would be great for fans of The Art of Dismantling to check it out, and while you are at it, check out the other great projects by Beautiful Resistance.

quote of the day

“I don’t think artists can avoid being political. Artists are the proverbial canaries in the coalmine. When we stop singing, it’s a sure sign of repressive times ahead.” (Theresa Bayer)

Call for input!

I need your input!  I have posted a page outlining an area in which i need some suggestions, tactics, ideas, etc.  Please check it out and fill me in on your fantastic suggestions:

Quote of the day

In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay.
And unless it wants to break faith with it’s social function,
art must show the world as changeable and help to change it.
~Ernst Fischer

Interviewed by Natural Uprising

Ok, not to toot my own horn, but i recently got interviewed by the new website Natural Uprising.  Check it out if you have a chance:

Law and Disorder Conference

I’m excited to announce that we will be hosting a live Art of Dismantling panel at the Law and Disorder Conference in Portland OR.

Info on the conference can be found here:

Our panel is at 1pm, we hope to see you there.

Confirmed panelists:

Jeff Campbell-Apostle, vocalist and community organizer, Denver CO
Mic Crenshaw- Emcee and community organizer
Chrystos- Menominee rights activists and poet
Chris Richards- Autonomous Music, Resident Anti-Hero, Art of Dismantling
Johnny Correa-Visual artist, queer activist
Roger Peet-Visual artist, printmaker, Just Seeds Cooperative member

We will be providing a space to dialogue about the use of art and creativity in the resistance movement, its place, how and when it can or should be used, and how it can be used in conjunction with other forms of activism.

See you there!

9 Amazing Political Art Projects of 2010

We thought this article related to the theme of ‘The Art of Dismantling’… so we decided to post it here so everyone could check it out:

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